Friends and Nonhuman Animals

Every year in animal agriculture worldwide, we kill 65 000 000 000 land based animals.

Where do Quakers stand with respect to these animals and their lives, and the lives of animals generally?LesMitchell

This article by Les Mitchell of Central and Southern Africa Yearly Meeting was first featured in volume 8, issue 1 (January 2017) of Quaker Voices (a publication of Quaker Life of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends)


2 thoughts on “Friends and Nonhuman Animals

  1. carol williams

    I attended my first Quaker meeting today – in Sutton. There are no other vegans there. I hope to help change that .

  2. Sandra Brady

    Just read your excellent article and wanted to say thank you for writing it and what was/is the response?
    I’m in London and the good news is that veganism is a growing trend here although there are unfortunately lots of v meaty restaurants around as well.
    Best wishes.

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