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Report of the spring 2016 QCA Committee Meeting.

The Committee gathered on 6 February for their Spring meeting. We had a full agenda covering our ongoing work and QCA developments.
We began by recording our thanks for the valuable service of 3 members of the Committee who have had to stand down and we wished them well for the future.
We were able to agree donations to a number of small animal charities, who will be listed on the website shortly, and dealt with other routine business.
We focussed on developments arising out of last years Members survey. In particular redesign of the website and the production of materials for the stall we hope to have at Britain Yearly Meeting at the end of May.
We discussed the Spring newsletter which is nearing completion and will be ready next month. It will be a bumper edition focussing on marine life and will be distributed to all Meetings as well as members.
The final arrangements were also agreed for the AGM where we will welcome Geoff Tansey for what will no doubt prove to be an interesting talk.

QCA Committee Meeting February 7th 2015.


We welcomed Thom Bonneville, Attender at Muswell Hill Meeting, to committee as responsible for future development and promotion of QCA.


We had discussed how to achieve a higher profile for QCA in Britain Yearly Meeting. Friends’ House suggested we go on their Facebook and Twitter – they have 4000 followers on each.

The Facebook page will be made more interactive and possibly a Twitter account will be set up.


Thom has looked into QCA having a stall at BYM in May 2016.


Extra Agenda Item:


In view of the important discussion which Thom’s draft Five Year Plan/The Way Forward will generate, we decided to hold an Extraordinary Committee Meeting on March 7.




On overseas bank transfers which incur a fee, in order to save costs we accepted Jane’s advice to restrict to 4 such transfers in any one year.


For the committee and membership who might wish to request funds for an organisation they would like QCA to support, Thom will draft a memo outlining QCA criteria for choosing beneficiaries, so that members may submit their suggestions in writing.



Arrangements were finalised for our AGM on May 9, at which our speaker will be Dominic Dyer, Policy Advisor of Care for the Wild (which will be amalgamating with Born Free) and CEO of The Badger Trust.


Finally, we offered a tribute to Pastor James Thompson, the Animal Padre, who died in January.

QCA will miss this kindly and active advocate for all animals and are holding Doreen his widow and his family in the Light.


The tribute appears on our web site and has been sent to the Animal Interfaith Alliance and The Ark.