Other Links

English Language Sites

Action against Animal Cruelty Tasmania
Action Against Poisoning – this Dutch site has wider interests than the name implies.
Amida Trust The Buddhist House

Animal Active – www.animalactive.org– in Australia, exposing and challenging animal neglect, exploitation, abuse.
Animal Aid

Animal Cruelty Investigation Group/Animal Welfare Information Service – www.acigawis.org.uk

The Animal Interfaith Alliance

Animal Padre

Animal Protection Consultancy – Jordi Casamitjana – www.animal-protection-consult.com – Research, Investigations, Campaigning, Legislation, Audiovisuals.
Animal Slavery This site, under the stewardship of Cetacea Defence, seeks to raise radical questions about exploitation of our fellow species.
Animals Asia – a British group working from Hong Kong – excellent campaigners against abuse of bears for bile – and educational initiatives in schools.
Animals Australia, the voice for animals
Animal SOS Sri Lanka does wonderful work for street animals in very difficult circumstances.

Australia for Dolphins – www.afd.org.au – working  to stop the cruelty of dolphin hunting, including in Taiji.
Australian Wildlife Protection Council –  http://www.awpc.org.au

Ayuda in Guatemala – important work to protect community animals  www.ayudagt.wordpress.com

Best Friends is the largest no-kill animal sanctuary in the US. Based in Utah, they were also involved in an Animals & Religion initiative in which QCA participated.
The Big Green Jewish is a joint venture of The Noah Project and The Board of Deputies of British Jews.
Born Free – the charity that campaigns for captive animals.
British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection

Canadian Voice for Animals
Captive Animals’ Protection Societywww.captiveanimals.org

CASJ – www.casj.org.uk – Centre for Animals and Social Justice – the think tank which developed out of Uncaged.

Catholic Concern for Animals – working to put animals on the agenda of the Catholic Church

Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriageswww.banhdc.org  – we support this group which campaigns for an end to the exploitation of horses to draw carriages in New York City and elsewhere.
 CHAI – Concern for Helping Animals in Israelwww.chai-online.org – an active group involved in many issues, including protection of street animals, including horses, campaigning against horseracing and educational initiatives in schools.

Christian Vegetarian Association UK
Compassion in World Farming
Circle of Compassion

Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary – founded by our member and friend Sandra Higgins in Ireland – www.edenfarmanimalsanctuary.com

European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance – www.evana.org – offering international news in several languages

Edgar’s Mission in Australia is a farmed animal sanctuary which does much campaigning work
The Farm Animal Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary – www.farmsanctuary.org –  works to end cruelty to farm animals and promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy. Based in the United States.

FlyFree – www.parrots.org  – working to end the wild bird trade
Freshfields Animal Rescue
The Gandhi Foundation.

www.all-creatures.org/gcmGod’s Creatures Ministry in the US: Lighting the Way in the Kingdom of God by promoting compassion for all animals.

www.hartnepal.org – Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust – improving the lives of the animals of Nepal – rescue, veterinary treatment and education. Funds collected in Britain by www.hat-uk.org

HULA Animal Rescue – Home for Unwanted and Lost Animals near Milton Keynes – supported by a QCA member – www.hularescue.org

International Animal Rescue
Irish Anti-Vivisection
Irish Council Against Blood Sports – we wholeheartedly endorse this excellent and active group which has just achieved a ban on the 150 year old Ward Union staghunt.

Islamic Concern
Jangsa Animal Saving Trust is a Tibetan Buddhist group based in Bhutan
JBF Scotland an organisation committed to helping both children and animals in Indian streets

www.kaale.org.uk – KAALE is a completely volunteer- run organisation set up to address the specific issue of live animal  exports, primarily from the port of Dover.
Let the Animals Live shelters and protects stray dogs and cats in Israel and campaigns for all other species
Live Export Shame an important Australian site, highlighting the massive numbers of live animals exported to the Middle East for slaughter
Mona UK primate rescue in Spain

Movement for Compassionate Living – founded by the Quaker Kathleen Jannaway :http://www.mclveganway.org.uk/index.html
Not One Sparrow is a Christian animal welfare initiative in the United States
International Otter Survival Fund

One Kind –  previously Advocates for Animals – in Scotland – www.onekind.org
Paws for Kids This NW England charity helps all victims of domestic violence, including companion animals
Racing Dogs Protection Act (RDPA-UK)   www.rdpa.org.uk We join the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA), Animal Aid, WSPA and greyhound action groups in support of this campaign.

Safe & Sound – refuge for death row  pound dogs – www.safe-and-sound.org

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land

Safer Medicines Campaign – a patient advocacy group – www.curedisease.net

http://serbiananimalsvoice.com – run by Mark of KAALE

SPEAK –  http://www.speakforanimals.info – a spiritually-based group of friends in Australia.

Stop Tasmanian Animal Cruelty is the site of active campaigning friends in Australia
STRAW – http://www.strawindia.org  Stray Relief and Animal Welfare –  is an active group in New Delhi running anti-rabies vaccination and sterilisation camps and helping to get animals adopted.

The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals – putting animals on the agenda of the Christian Church
The Fellowship of Life – an interesting group advocating vegetarianism as a Christian way of life.
The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust. In Australia, Venture Capital for Good Causes
Tribe of Heart an American site, which has produced three wonderful videos, The Witness, The Peaceable Kingdom, and Peaceable Kingdom: the journey home, charting the radical change made by certain individuals, including farmers, in their perceptions of other animals.

Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry – please visit their site at www.uuam.org and read about the excellent work done by our Unitarian friends in the United States. Inherent worth and dignity of every being…
Vegetarian Friends This interesting group publishes the journal The Peaceable Table “… dedicated to providing inspiration and support for Quakers and other people of faith in the practice of a love of animals and a vegetarian diet.”

Vegetarian for Life – www.vegetarianforlife.org.ukVegetarian for Life is a charity which older vegetarians and vegans could well find helpful.

Vegetarian International Voice for Animals (VIVA)
Veggies – on this site, access the Animal Contacts Directory and Calendar.

VEROwww.vero.org.uk – a University-based group established in 2006 to oppose Oxford University’s construction of a new animal research laboratory, and to campaign for a more ethically responsible approach to biomedical research at Oxford.

Vets’ Care Organisation. This group, based in the University of Lahore, works for the welfare of animals and the advancement of the veterinary profession in Pakistan.We have  associate members in this group.
Visakha in Andhra Pradesh, India, runs a sanctuary which welcomes and cares for animals of all species.
Welfare forAnimals Global. Marijo Gillis’s group is based in New York and is currently working to combat slaughter of stray animals in Eastern Europe.

Wildhaven Sanctuary in Melbourne – www.wildhavenstandrews.com.au – doing wonderful work in rehabilitating wild creatures
Young Indian Vegetarians – led by QCA’s first patron Nitin Mehta.

Zen Cats – www.zencats.org – is a new organisation based near Manila in the Philippines. They operate a neutering scheme and Trap-Neuter-Release for stray cats. They also advocate responsible guardianship of cats.



Friends’ World Committee for Consultation – Europe and Middle East Section – www.fwccemes.org

FWCC EMES is the collective body for Quaker meetings in Europe and the Middle East. All individual members of yearly meetings and groups affiliated with EMES are members of FWCC.

Friends World Committee for Consultation is the world body for (almost) all Quaker meetings.

The Section is also represented in the Geneva Quaker House Foundation Board and Quaker Council for European Affairs.

EMES publishes a quarterly newsletter Among Friends and maintains close relations with Europe & Middle East Young Friends, the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva, and the Quaker Council for European Affairs in Brussels.

Britain Yearly Meetingwww.quaker.org.uk

Living Witness Project  – Quakers for Sustainability –  www.livingwitness.org.uk

Quaker Homeless Actionwww.qha.org.uk – QCA contributes to the feeding of the guests’ dogs at the Christmas shelter.

Young Friends General Meeting
Young Quakers for and about young Friends

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre  – based in Birmingham, this is a tranquil venue for courses and other events.
The Peace Movement

Movement for the Abolition of War – www.abolishwar.org.uk we are pleased to be affiliated to this important group.


Non-English Sites:

Comité radicalement anti-corrida. This group campaigns actively against bullfighting in France.


QCA was interviewed by this magazine in 2005.


ANIMAL. This very active group campaigns against the tourada, the Portuguese bullfight. There is a section in English.

Badalona Sense Correbouswww.badalonasensecorrebous.org -web site  in Spanish and Catalan –  this group seeks to end the practice of correbous in the town of Badalona. QCA is signed up among their supporters. The video demonstrates the practice.
Animal Friends Croatia.


Arts and Crafts

Y Rhwng: The Point Between – the site of our member in Anglesey, the poet Fiona Owen www.rhwng.com

The site of our member, the painter Ann Johnson www.annjohnsonpaintings.net

Celine Clement in France

The site of our member Karen Purves in Scotland – www.artbykarenpurves.webs.com

Ama Menec – Sculpture    www.amamenec-sculpture.co.uk   

Ceramic and bronze sculptures of British wildlife.

Ama is also actively involved in wildlife conservation in Devon.