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Merritt Clifton of Animal People in the USA kindly allowed us to reprint the following comments, which we consider very interesting – we commend to Quaker readers especially the paragraphs 4 – 6, as they may well seem particularly significant.

“WSPA has not gotten anywhere [in the campaign against bear bile farms] and my view is that their approach never has and never will.  Jill Robinson of the Animals Asia Foundation has since 1999 gotten more than 500 bears out of small bile farms that have then been closed.  WSPA alleges that this just means more bears are kept on the big farms, but there is no evidence that the market for bear bile is expanding, and plenty of indications that it is not.  Meanwhile, Robinson gets hugely favorable publicity all over China. Continue reading


Pei-feng Su, Executive Director, writes:

Our partner group Changsha Small Animal Protection Society (CSAPS) was suddenly forced this summer to move their shelter, with over hundred animals, to a rundown place. ACTAsia immediately helped to ensure that they had basic necessities like water, electricity, a septic tank and fencing. We also sent in a highly experienced shelter consultant from the UK to help design the lay out of the shelter. He has also advised them on procedures for good shelter management. This helps to make the shelter as animal friendly as possible, despite their extremely limited funds. Continue reading