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HULA St. Francis Blessing – report.


12th October 2014: Sunday afternoon at HULA saw some very happy dogs with their very happy owners parade around a paddock to attend the St Francis Blessing.  This annual even at HULA was, this year, held in partnership with the campaign raised by The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home  “Staffies are softer than you think’

All the dogs in this parade were Staffies that have been successfully rehomed including some from the Safe and Sound Pound Dogs rescue who were mentioned in an earlier article on our website.  It was heart warming and a joy to see so many dogs now have their forever homes.  The campaign ‘Staffies are softer than you think’  hopes to raise public awareness of the plight of so many Staffies who now find themselves in rescues and the pounds. Two Staffies also present were a Pat Therapy dog and a Medical Detection Dog.

As the St Francis Blessing event took place all the dogs were quiet and the prayer of St Francis was spoken by a volunteer from HULA.

‘We pray for all animals who are suffering as a result of our neglect. May the order You originally established be once again restored to the whole world through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary and the prayers of St Francis and the merits of your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you, now and forever. Amen’

Thanks go to the staff and volunteers of HULA for making this afternoon a memorable one……and special thanks to the Staffies for the noble fellow creatures they are.

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Report by Joan How. All photographs by Joan How.

Link: HULA

Book Review – Mystery in Nice

Don’t Defend Animals, not in France, not anywhere…

By Guénady. Trafford Publishing. 2008

ISBN 978 – 1 – 4251 – 7099 – 8


Guénady was a dog who once lived and suffered in Nice, now the pseudonym of her guardian, the American owner of the Speakeasy – the only vegan restaurant in France. I had the pleasure of meeting the author and eating in her little restaurant during my last visit to Nice in 2004 – one of my favourite French cities, though one of which I now know much more, thanks to this interesting book. Continue reading