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Indian Vegetarian Society Christmas Lunch – report.

The Indian Vegetarian Society held its 34th annual vegetarian Christmas Lunch on Sunday 14th December.

The Mayor's husband, the Mayor, Leader of Croydon Council Tony Newman, and Croydon MP Steve Reed.

The Mayor’s husband, the Mayor, Leader of Croydon Council Tony Newman, and Croydon MP Steve Reed.

Nitin Mehta the founder of the society said that the aim of organizing the lunch was the same as when it begun 34 years ago. It is to celebrate Christmas as a national festival and to promote friendship between communities living in Croydon. The Indian community is proud to be British. The Mayor of Croydon Councillor Manju Shaul-Hammed, MP for Croydon north Steve Reed and leader of Croydon council Tony Newman who is a vegetarian were amongst the guests. Around 130 people enjoyed an traditional Gujarati Vegan meal. The Mayor praised the Indian community for playing a positive role in society. MP Steve Reed said that the contribution of the Indian Hindu community was great in all walks of life. Members of Purley United Reformed Church, Croydon ecology centre, Croydon vegetarians and Surrey vegetarians and vegans were present.

Guests enjoyed a lunch of parathas, udad dal, peas and cauliflower curry, biryani and bhajias all Vegan followed by vegan cakes and tea. Nitin said that idea of a Christmas lunch was spreading as a similar event was being held at the same time at Crawley Hindu temple and the Jain Centre in Colindale. Kamlalbhai Rao from Gujarat Samachar was present too. The delicious food was prepared by the ladies and popular chef Rajubhai Shah. Long term friendships are formed by sharing food together and our English friends are introduced to many varieties of Indian vegetarian food.

By Nitin Mehta.

Vegan outreach in Ebola stricken Liberia.

By Morris Darbo of theĀ Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society.

Liberia is facing a very serious health crisis (Ebola disease). Over 50% of the present Ebola death rate in the world has occurred in Liberia. Lofa County (the epicenter) is bordering Guinea and Sierra Leone. The Ebola disease entered Liberia through Lofa County at the time farmers were getting ready to start their farming activities. The people of Lofa County are subsistence farmers- mainly producing what they eat to sustain them, but due to the outbreak of the disease during farming season, affected communities were unable to make their farms. Those affected communities lost lot of relatives and family members. Food issue has also become a very serious concern in those affected communities.
In order to stop the spread of the disease, the government of Liberia banned the hunting and eating of all bush meat. This has post serious threat on the survival of farm animals too.
In order to save farm animals and feed the starving population, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society (LAWCS) with support from A Well Fed World has embarked on vegan outreach program and the provision of free vegan food to Ebola affected communities in Lofa County. Our target is to reach and feed over 2,000 people with vegan food. This initiative is a life saving project for both the animals and the starving people.
LAWCS spends three days in each community with the initiative:
Day 1: Educating the community members on the importance of vegan lifestyle
Day 2: Preparing and serving the entire community people with vegan food (sample vegan food)
Day 3: Distribute take home vegan food to each family in the community.


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