Our friend Selaine d’Ambrosi, formerly of Mayan Families Healthy Pets in Guatemala was approached by a friend anxious to sponsor a sterilization clinic in the village of Santa Catarina Palopo.

She writes: “The clinic was held on April 17 09 at the Health Clinic and it was a perfect day in all respects. Ramiro and Alma from the clinic gave rabies and combo vaccines and translated information from Spanish into the local language, Kackiquel; there was a 4-person surgical team on hand and the catching of street dogs, intake/discharge of dogs, bathing of puppies, distribution of collars and leashes, transportation and distribution of donated medicines & flea treatments were dealt with by members of the team. The Municipality sponsored lunch and Hotel Villa Santa Catarina provided rooms and breakfast for the visiting surgical team members.

The turnout was fantastic for the first-ever sterilization/vaccination clinic sponsored specifically for the residents of Santa Catarina.


     This was the work done:


     Sterilizations: 39

Rabies Vaccines: 77

Combo Vaccines for Dogs: 43

Worm treatments for dogs & cats: 20

Flea & Tick treatments: 20

Puppy Flea Baths: 5

Take-home Antibiotic Regimes:   4

     Take-home Eye Ointments: 3

Take-home Pain Medications:   4

Collar/Leash Sets: 35

Lbs. of Puppy Food Given Out: 20

Smiles and Thank You’s: COUNTLESS!


And all this for under $1100!

Currently, we are an informal group of professionals who provide services when money is in place. We are in the process of becoming a registered NGO in Guatemala. If you are interested in helping us, please contact me directly for further information.”


Note from the clerk: As with Mayan Families, it is wonderful to see children being involved in this excellent work.





New patient

New patient

The Clinic Director checks out an arrival.



Young helpers

Young helpers. Local boys dry pups as mom awaits them. They have all been vaccinated and wormed. When the pups are weaned, the mother will be sterilised.