Every year in Odisha, India, Rajo Sankranti is a feast day for Srirampur and neighbouring villages. The police control the number of animals killed for the deity Maa Ramchandi, whose temple is situated in the campus of Ramachandra Nodal U.P. School. The 428 students, aged 5 to13 years, witness the slaughter of hundreds of animals every year. The photo below shows the killing pole in front of the temple.

JILLA PASHUBALI PRATIRODHA MANCHA, a district forum for the prevention of animal sacrifice, and the animal welfare organization APOWA (Action for Protection of Wild Animals) have been jointly campaigning over the last decade for the abolition of this superstitious tradition.

This year on 15th June, animal sacrifices were completely stopped after a complaint (First Information Report) was made at the local police station against the temple administration and the slaughterer. Police arrested the slaughterer, and our volunteers, along with some village youths, started an awareness campaign, distributing leaflets and picketing in front of the temple.

In this way, 120 years of tradition came to a close. The photo below shows a freed goat.

APOWA would like to thank district administration, police and the village youth for their timely cooperation. It is noteworthy that last year more than 320 animals were sacrificed in that place.

And also last year, animal sacrifices were successfully stopped in other two other places in Kendrapara district.

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