There was a fight between the Shanghai Cat Protection Group and five cat nappers on October 23rd. 200. More than 600 cats were rescued. The five different cat nappers had joined together to form one large group against the Shanghai Cat Protection Group, which was unexpected.

The cat nappers attacked the rescuers, so they called the 111 emergency number and the police came.

The police asked both sides to go to the police station to solve the problem. One police officer and one rescuer sat in the cat nappers’ truck, and made the cat nappers drive the truck to the police station.

However, the rescuer in the truck later realised that the truck was not heading for the police station, but instead the cat nappers were trying to escape. It is unbelievable how the police didn’t realise this and that the cat nappers were daring enough to try to escape under the police’s nose!  The brave rescuer lady forced the truck to stop by gripping onto the steering wheel. Several rescuers’ cars behind also stopped the truck.

The rescuers called another police station to get more help, and finally, they had the truck taken to the Business Commercial Bureau.

During the time it took for the police officers to make a decision, the five cat nappers calmly waited outside. They wrongly believed that they would be able to get the trucks and the cats back.

However, after lots of pressure from the public and the media, the cats were released to the cat lovers and were freed from the cruelty that they were subjected to by the cat nappers.  

The loving rescuers arranged to have the cats taken to ten residential areas where people could take care of them.

Tomorrow will be another day, the fight will continue!

Many thanks and appreciation to:

The Shanghai Cat Protection Group

The Cat Website

The cat lovers of Beijing

The police officers

The Shanghai Pet Union

The loving rescuers.

This news came from Jean Wang of Shanghai Cat Protection Group

Translated by Joy Gao and edited by QCA.