Molly Stacey died on September 9 06, aged 75, from cancer and the side effects of invasive treatment.
Campaigners will remember her, with her husband Ray, holding a banner at OCCOLD , on crutches.

For the last two years, she had been desperately ill, cared for at home by her devoted daughter, raging because she could not get to demos, but never idle, she continued to make beautiful artistic goods to sell at her local charity and for the Quaker Concern for Animals stalls. She knitted the scarves to wear at demos and on the Sea Shepherd ship, Farley Mowat. She wrote angry letters about animal abuse to the local press and to government officials, particularly about the hunting of wild animals, which grieved her deeply.

Molly was a loving, passionate, creative person, who attracted devoted friends to whom she gave unstinting love and support. Her companion animals were with her during her last years, and in the final weeks, a refugee hen appeared in the garden, an escapee from an allotment, who had been given a death sentence because she had stopped laying. On the day of Molly’s funeral, a friend took the hen home as a companion to his solitary bird Molly’s hen is now happy and laying eggs.

Molly and her daughter believed the hen was a messenger from the spirit world, a symbol of all the sentient life to which Molly had given her life.

Mystic, animal rights activist, lovely Molly, may your spirit and love stay with us as we try to battle on without you.

Joan Court.

Animal Rights, Cambridge.