8th April 2012



Leading animal protection charity, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS), has today launched a groundbreaking report which lays bare the apparent failure of the law to effectively protect animals held in zoos in England.

The charity, which campaigns against the keeping of animals in captivity, said that the report will shed new light on the oft-held belief that animals in zoos in the UK fare better than in other countries due to the strict legislative framework designed to ensure zoos meet minimum standards.

The summary report, entitled “A Licence to Suffer” relates the main findings from a study carried out by independent consultant, Jordi Casamitjana, which examined the practical application of the Zoo Licensing Act 1981 and found a vast number of widespread and systemic problems which, the charity says, indicates that the system is not only not working, but is fundamentally unworkable…

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If this were not enough –  Born Free’s report: