This is Freeman

 In our spring issue, we reported on the rescue of ex-battery hens by our member Sandra Higgins. In Co. Meath, Ireland, she gives a loving home to many ex-farmed animals at Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Sandra writes:

At Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary farm animals are given a home for life. They are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect; their rights are honoured, and we do everything we can to help them have lives that are as enjoyable as they can be.

This is Willow

The animals at Eden have been saved from a life of torture and certain death, usually in their infancy or early childhoods. They are the lucky ones who have escaped abuse at human hands for food that is neither necessary nor beneficial to us. Read their stories and see what they can become when they are freed from human oppression. They are the ambassadors of their species.

Saved from the battery farm and feeling grass under her feet for the first time in her life.



  • Eden promotes alternatives to using animals that benefit human   health, the planet on which we all depend, and most of all the other  animals.
  • Eden offers courses at Matilda’s  Promise, our Vegan Animal Education Centre.
  • Eden gives you the opportunity to connect with individual animal  persons via their stories and pictures on our website.





For lots more information and how you might support  Sandra’s work, please visit:

Update: On July 25, Sandra rescued some 20 more hens, this time from ‘enriched’ cages.