QCA would like to remind readers about the active groups founded by Mike Huskisson, which have, for many years now, provided two invaluable services for animal campaigners:

The Animal Cruelty Investigation Group (ACIG) has been working since June 1989 to expose bloodsports, vivisection, factory farming, live exports, zoos etc.

Through lawful undercover filming operations, they have had considerable success exposing the cruelty inherent in these activities. Their web site reports on achievements. They work with other groups wherever possible to have offenders prosecuted.

The Animal Welfare Information Service (AWIS) was set up in 1995 to spread the facts about animal cruelty far and wide. They make images and information available through the Internet and give talks to schools, colleges and universities.

Mike Huskisson the founder of both the ACIG and the AWIS, has been working for animal welfare since 1971. He is the lead speaker for the AWIS and can provide students with detailed personal accounts after witnessing nearly every form of modern and historical blood sport. As an observer accompanying the Lord Burns Hunting Inquiry team on many of their visits in 2000 to the hunting fields, he is in an excellent position to describe how and why the hunting of wildlife was banned by the Hunting Act 2004. The ACIG has also photographed and filmed in vivisection laboratories both in the UK and abroad.

The AWIS holds one of the most comprehensive archives of images, films and facts about animal cruelty to be found anywhere in the world. Support is needed to help keep this archive available as an information source to ensure firstly that the Hunting Act is never repealed, but beyond that to sustain the drive to strengthen and enforce this Act and push forward the boundaries of other humane legislation.

Hare – from Mike’s archives

The ACIG is the senior group and support for the ACIG also aids the AWIS.

The ACIG has no membership, but is instead a group of supporters, receiving no corporate support, no sponsorship, relying entirely on the generous support of compassionate people who oppose cruelty.

A News Bulletin comes out twice a year by email to reduce costs, with a brief financial report on the August bulletin. Supporters also receive regular updates about their latest campaigning activities through “Action for Compassion” e-mail circulars. They also campaign on Facebook, where there is a small site for the ACIG and a larger one in the name of Mike Huskisson.

You can support the highly effective investigation work of the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group (ACIG) and the educational work of the Animal Welfare Information Service (AWIS) by buying a Share in Compassion. Each share costs just £1 a month payable by standing order, or £12 a year payable by cheque or by standing order.

Mike Huskisson. ACIG/AWIS PO Box 8, HALESWORTH, Suffolk IP19 0JL

acig@btinternet.com   www.acigawis.org.uk