QCA Annual General Meeting – MINUTES

Marjorie Sykes Room, Friends House, London

Saturday 20 May, 2017


  • Quaker Faith & Practice 2.89 was read during opening worship (11.15 -11.30 am)


  • Numbers attending: 3 Committee members (Ann Johnson, Thom Bonneville, Julie Hinman, with apologies from Jane Stanley) + 8 QCA members


  • The minutes of the 2016 AGM were discussed and accepted. An update on new website’s progress was given by the Clerk, at request of a Member. There is much interest in the location and format of the AGM, and we resolved to return to this in the Forum portion later in the day.


  • Accounts

    • The summary of 2016 Income & Expenditure was circulated and reviewed, along with a list of 2016 donations.

    • The Clerk read the Treasurer’s 2016 Summary Report.


  • Appointments.

    • The current Committee Members are all still serving their first triennia.

    • We have welcomed QCA member Martin Layton – Senior Programme Leader at Woodbrooke – onto the Committee, now comprising five Members.

    • The Committee warmly thanks those Members who came forward with offers of help in response to our AGM-related email appeal.


  • We have heard the Newsletter Report, and of the Editor’s increased attention to design and commitment to including a broad range of content (beyond ‘news’); the newsletter is a ‘magazine’ in nature. We agreed to discuss in today’s Forum ideas as to its name.


  • The Clerk recounted a list of ‘highlights’ of QCA activity and happenings since the time of the last AGM.


  • The Clerk closed the AGM at 12.30 pm.


The AGM was followed by the QCA Members Forum, facilitated by Julie Hinman of the Committee,  and then our guest speaker presentation (Duschanca Singh of The Mayhew Animal Home).