On Friday, March 27, a conference on bullfighting was due to be held atthe Jean-d’Arcet d’Aire-sur-l’Adour school in the Landes region of France, with young bullfighters in attendance.

Believing that it is not the role of the national education system to promote the bullfight in schools and in school time, Claire Starozinski founder of the Alliance Anticorrida
, protested to the minister, the rector and the inspector of the Academy of Bordeaux

The inspector prevailed upon Dominique Boissard, headteacher of the school, to abandon holding the conference in school time and to seek the agreement of parents for those students who would wish to take part. Result: of 185 students, only 9 expressed an interest.

Alliance Anticorrida is heartened by this decision to protect young people from what amounts to an encouragement to cruelty.

The headteacher also invited Alliance Anticorrida to take part to present the other side of the bullfight.



N’oubliez pas que la corrida « C’est la lâcheté même transformée en courage.

Supplicier un animal pour le loisir, voilà la malice humaine contre l’innocence »

The bullfight is cowardice itself parading as courage. To torture an animal for pleasure is human malice pitted against innocence.

~ Pierre Rabhi