We are pleased to be informed, by Anglican campaigners in Australia, of this positive move.

Anglican Synod October 2008.

The Very Reverend Graeme Lawrence moved, Seconded by Mrs Barbara Wattus:

The Synod of the Diocese of Newcastle recognises that among the Millennium Development Goals of the Anglican Communion is the challenge for the Church to care for the whole creation. The Synod notes that throughout the world the major animal welfare issues of battery farms and live exports are matters which many nations are addressing in positive ways in order to exercise practical care towards the animal kingdom.

The Synod further notes that 84% of Australians agree that battery cages are unacceptable and in Australia that more than eleven million hens live in cages which have less space than an A4 piece of paper.

The Synod encourages the Parishes and Diocesan entities to follow the lead of others in the community to purchase only free-range eggs for Parish and Diocesan catering events.”


Elizabeth Keevers Communications Officer. Anglican Diocese of Newcastle.