Representatives from ARAN recently held an interesting and educational debate at Trinity College in Dublin regarding the use of animals in experiments. Trinity continues to use animals in experiments and we urge them to consider using modern non-animal methods that will advance medical research.

Number of animals experimented on in Ireland in 2011:

* 242,890 mice.

* 15,378 fish.

* 14,437 rats.

* 2,672 cows.

* 932 rabbits.

* 831 dogs.

* 755 pigs.

* 669 other mammals.

* 441 guinea pigs.

* 180 cats.

* 62 horses/ donkeys.

* 11 sheep.

* 5 goats.

* 279,263 animals.

A huge thank you goes to Andre Menache of Antidote-Europe  – and Quaker Concern for Animals patron – who put up one great argument against the use of animals in experiments. Mr. Menache is an advisor to ARAN on animal testing issues and also assists groups in the UK and elsewhere.

Here is an interesting news link from the Irish Independent to a previous article on Trinity’s use of animals.

Thanks to a kind donation of scientific books on the problems of animal testing from Antidote-Europe, we will be mailing these books to universities and colleges across Ireland, so that students studying life and biosciences can learn more about animal experiments and why this type of “research” is leading medical and scientific progress down a wrong road.

Together we will bring about an end to animal experiments.

Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN)

‘Fighting animal abuse across Ireland’

L to R in photo:

John Carmody of ARAN, Tom Holder, André Menache, a student.

Tom Holder is the founder of ProTest and currently employed by Understanding Animal Research, an organisation that lobbies in favour of animal experimentation.