As a result of the dossier of information collected by the Alliance Anticorrida, six members of the French parliament have proposed Resolution 289, which calls for the setting up of a commission of enquiry into the money spent on the bullfight there: its real influence, local economic impact, financial openness and the steady flow of public funds and commercial practices which support it. This call was first made in 1994, which shows once again that we are all in it for the long term.

Touche pas Taureau

Touche pas Taureau

Again, a very positive move – on February 12 08, Nicolas Sarkozy told Michel Barnier, Minister of Agriculture, that “he was not opposed to the regulations controlling bullfighting being discussed.”

Three working groups have now been set up, comprising MPs, representatives of professional associations and NGOs, as well as the Minister’s people. Starting in March, they will discuss:

– Animals in “entertainment”

– Animals in town

– Farmed animals, with particular attention to ritual slaughter.

As it is recognised by ministers as the specialist organisation proven to be able to set up constructive debates, the Alliance Anticorrida has just been accepted as a contributor to the Animals and Society discussions. A topic of particular interest is entry to the bullfight of children under 15 – a proposal to prevent this already has much public support.