Photo by Thom BonnevilleQCA laid at wreath at the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals’s service of remembrance on the 11 November, held at the Animal’s War Memorial in Park Lane, London

Hundreds Attend the ASWA Memorial Service for Animals
  •  a Remembrance Day art exhibition at St John’s Church, Meads, featuring a display with the original of the cover of our QCA autumn Newsletter (title, Collateral Damage) and a  statement provided by our member, Ann Johnson.





  • Pictures made by St John’s baby and toddler group, ‘to remember animals who lost their lives in war.’





On the gate to Warrington Meeting, a picture made by a 5 year-old boy who was inspired by the cover of QCA’s Autumn newsletter..

photo courtesy of QCA Member Diane Furber


Park Lane 11 Nov 2018., ASWA memorial service for animals. Photo by Thom Bonneville.