Imad Haddad writes:

Bahrain looks at the question of legal protection for animals against cruelty.

Animal rights laws?

It’s about time that we, as a society, began to wake up, grow, and make efforts to improve Bahrain rather than destabilise it. On a social level that is.

Several instances of animal cruelty have been reported in the country and nothing has been done to stop it. Who is
responsible? Everyone – citizens, teachers, religious figures, ministries, expatriates, and authorities, to name a few. All of us who are part of society are responsible for this…

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Imad also says:
“(there is) …a fairly new Bahrain-based Group (that) cares for stray dogs (that are still on the streets) by going on feeding missions. This Facebook Group was started by a few Bahraini people and its members are increasing slowly but gradually. The Group is called Bahrain Strays and I believe it sets a very important example to the people within Bahrain and neighboring countries that are still lacking behind in similar Animal-related issues.
Here’s its Facebook address: