Animal Stories from Qur’an

This is an Egyptian animation TV series in 30 30-minute episodes, produced in 2D interaction technology with 3D backgrounds, currently premiering during the month of Ramadan 2011 (August) to great success across the Arabic community and inAsia.

Inspired by a best selling book  Animal Stories from Qur’an  by the author Ahmad Bahgat, this ‘edutainment’ animation is unique and expected to become a classic and must have for every family. This point was made by actor Yehia El Fakharani at the press conference in Cairo on July 1st.  Scientifically researched to make the stories rational and acceptable to all members of the family, it will appeal on several levels. Apart the religious aspect, the audience will also enjoy the educational side of the animation and learn more about the animals’ habits and behavior in a light and enjoyable style.

Featuring Yehia El Fakharani, it is voiced by many prominent actors and celebrities including  Dalia El Bahiri , Hisham Slim, Hanan El Turk, Mohamad Ragab, Sawssan Badr, Ahmed Azmi, Salah Abdallah, Hanan Motaweh.

Written by: Dr. Ahmed Bahgat

Screenplay and script: A. Mohamed Bahgat

Music composed by: Mohamed Yehia

Directed by: Dr. Mustafa El Fermawy

Produced by: Associates for Media Production

Worldwide Distribution: Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers)

The series revolves around the stories of Animals that accompanied prophets and were at their service, undergoing exciting events and were the main themes of miracles in Quranic verses, such as the Crow, sent by God to Cain, to show him how to hide his wrong doing and teach him how to bury his brother Abel, and the story of the Dog who has lived the experience of death, over three hundred and nine years along with the People of the Cave … and other animals that accompanied the prophets throughout their lives and had the chance to play a significant role in their stories.

The series sheds light on these creatures that have been lost in what seems to have been the greater light of prophets. This resulted in the Qossas el-Hiyawan fil Qur’an (Animal Stories From Qur’an).

The series depicts these religious stories as seen and felt by the animals; these are ordinary dramatic characters, not bestowed with any holiness, they can be right or wrong, they love and hate, and sometimes pray. They laugh and cry, and innocently interact with their surroundings, with the honesty and purity of their sheer candid reality.

Each episode deals with only one story, beautifully interlaced by the narration of the main character, a shepherd in constant meditation on God’s creation, a devotee of animals who knows how to speak their language; he knows he can reach their souls even though they know not how to respond. This intriguing character is closer to a mystical preacher, a wanderer roaming God’s kingdom, in search of wisdom and consciousness.

The Stories are:

Son of Adam’s Crow – Yusuf’s wolf-  Moses’ Stick – Earth’s Beast – Issa’s Mud – The Laurel’s Spider – Saleh’s Camel – Yunus’ Whale(Jonah’s Whale) – Solomon’s Hoopoe  – Ezra’s Donkey (Uzair’s Donkey) – Abraha’s Elephant – Ashab Al Sabt’s Monkeys – The Bird of Abraham – The Blessed Cow of the Children of Israel – Solomon’s Aunt – The Dog of The People of The Cave – Ababil Birds

The episodes were reviewed by the Department of research, writing and translation in Al Azhar University in Egypt.

Ahmed Bahgat – The Writer

Contemplative, satirical, mystical and deep. These are words that describe the long trail of thoughts left behind in the books of writer Ahmad Bahgat, who holds the Order of Arts and Sciences and a special honor from ex-President Hosni Mubarak for his film Days of Sadat. Especially observant of the world around him, Bahgat has written social satires that portray his understanding of daily life as a columnist in Al Ahram Newspaper, in “The Box of the World” daily column.

Having also written the socially critical piece, Kilmitayn We Bass (Only Two Words), for radio, daily presented by former actor Fouad El Mouhandess, he doesn’t lack skill in reaching the mind of his audience through his lively imagination, critical mind and poignant sense of humor. The program aimed to shed light on most vital issues in the Egyptian society, tackling great truths in a way that anyone can understand.

Ahmed Bahgat has produced many literary works and some film adaptations.

The  Director is Dr. Mustafa El Farmawe, who after graduation worked as a founder of Cairo Cartoon Studio with Dr. Mona Abul-Nasr. He also founded the studio CartooNile, where he directed many films and animated series.

He is the holder of many awards, including the Award of the Children’s International Jury Committee in 2004 and the Bronze Award in the Children’s Film Festival in 2004. He also received the Academy Award, the highest accolade to an Egyptian work by the Cultural Development Fund in 2009.

Dina Zulfikar, coordinator AWAR group, an Animal Protection Advocate and Member of Committee, Civil Society and General Organization of Veterinary Services, is convinced that the poor treatment of animals in the Middle East and Egypt specifically has a lot to do with a crippled education system that introduces each animal to children as an “it.”

“When you refer to an animal as an ‘it,’ the animal becomes an object not more valuable than a piece of furniture,” she explains.
“I am sure that this TV show will be more effective than any million-pound awareness campaign for animals, because millions of people will be watching the program in the evening.”

Al Jazeera in the Gulf, Al-Sumaria TV in Iraq and Malay TV in Malaysia have also purchased the broadcasting rights. An English version should be completed in three months.