The Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) calls for better protection of animals under the new constitution and laws of Nepal. On Feb 10th 2010, the network of animal welfare organizations organized a workshop called Animals and the Law with Constituent Assembly members. All 601 political representatives received an information kit about the subject. 

According to the network, various forms of animal cruelty are practised inside Nepal because of the weak legal status of animals there. “The existing laws lack enforcement due to different loopholes and a lack of commitment. In fact, Nepal remains one of the few countries in the world without an animal welfare act,” said Pramada Shah, President of the network.

Animal rights activities in Nepal aim to make animal protection a part of constitution. According to the network, governments across the world increasingly ensure the rights of animals in their laws, with the European Union leading the Western countries. 

AWNN encouraged Nepalese Constituent Assembly members to inspire a public debate about animal cruelty and to speak out against all forms of animal abuse.  “In the long run, animal cruelty, including overpopulation and neglect of stray dogs, the cruel transportation of livestock, the inhumane killing of food animals, the poaching of wildlife, cruelty in the name of religion and culture, and the abuse of working animals, will give Nepal a bad name and impact its position in the global community,” said Shah.

This workshop was the first of its kind in Nepal. Campaigners called for the improvement and implementation of existing laws and the introduction of a much needed animal welfare act. The workshop also addressed the legal loopholes of the existing Wildlife Act and Policies 2003, and presented a vision for wildlife breeding in Nepal.

Mahesh Sharma, Campaign Coordinator AWNN.

c/o Animal Nepal

PO Box 7770

Ekantakuna, Patan.