On the road from Beijing to the north east of China, animal protection volunteers stopped a truck containing hundreds of dogs destined for the meat trade. Several of the dogs were already dead and the remainder were suffering in the heat and cramped conditions.

The activists immediately began providing relief, dousing the truck with water and checking the condition of the dogs.

Over the course of April 15th – 16th, after long negotiations between police, quarantine inspectors, truck drivers, and animal protection volunteers, the 520 dogs were sent to the China Small Animal Protection Association for additional help. Here, dedicated volunteers from many parts of Beijing came to help with medical first aid, dog food, shelter, and dog collars.
The volunteers had spent more than ten hours negotiating to try to feed the dogs water and food, and a few dogs who were sick were taken to the vet before being released to the animal lovers.
However, it was very disappointing and frustrating that such a high price  – 100000.00 RMB (~US$15,000)  – was paid to the truck driver, but fortunately more than 500 lives have been saved, which warms everyone’s hearts.

Many dogs had collars, showing that they were certainly family dogs, and stolen by dealers. More investigation must be carried out for the further protection of dogs, to prevent them for suffering this terrible crime.

 Warm thanks and appreciation go to the media, the volunteers from various animal protection groups, the government officers, and the loving individuals.


Link to BTV: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/SDOPec3sTt0/
~ from our contact Joy Gao, to whom QCA has sent our thanks and best wishes to the groups involved.