On Friday, the evening of Aug 14th, animal lovers in Suzhou got a phone call from a cat loving lady in Shanghai – big thanks to her – reporting that there was a dark place where 200 cats were kept in 7 cages, with more cats to come from Shanghai to fill up the truck to go down to the south.  More than 20 Suzhou animal rescuers went there, and they chose to call the local police for everyone’s safety.

The Suzhou Police Officers carried out the law and had all the cats released right away. They immediately stopped this cat stealing. Most of the cats were house pets and were not afraid of people.

little girl and grandpa find their lost cats

little girl and grandpa find their lost cats

There were 2 female cats that gave birth to kittens, a lot of cats found it hard to breathe and it was clear that the cat-nappers had caged the poor cats for a long time already.  Some owners found their lost cats from the cage straightaway.  5 cages of cats were released and 2 of the cages were kept in a cat lover’s home for adoption.

rescued after their ordeal

rescued after their ordeal

I wonder how long the chain of cat-napping can go on for before it is stopped.  This is an unforgivable crime, why does the Government not do anything about it?

Update – Early on August 16th, a phone call reported the movement of cat-nappers, and animal lovers pursued and stopped the cat-nappers’ truck with the help of Shanghai Police.  The police got the truck towed to a nearby police station.

In the afternoon, after inspections carried out by Animal Inspectors, the 21 cages, containing some 450 cats, were released to the cat rescuers and owners.

Loving people from the local residential area volunteered to adopt some of the cats.

This news came from Shanghai via Xiya.

A fourth cat rescue took place on Aug 19th in Jiayi, again near Shanghai. Some  10 team rescuers waited there for over 30 hours, and finally had around 500 cats rescued.

Dr. Hu Rong (Jane) is an important member of this team and  spoke to two reporters about the good news of the successful rescue.

The cat-nappers are very active recently, in a small town near Shanghai, where all the stolen cats from other cities are taken to fill up the truck to go down to the south.

Translated again by Joy Gao in New Zealand.