505 dogs were rescued on April 20 in Kunming, south east China.

They are being taking good care of by the vets and volunteers around Kunming and with support from all over China.



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Up to date, more than 100 healthy dogs have been moved into the shelter of Yixin Stray Animal Rescue Group, and more than 200 dogs are staying at the Veterinary College of Kunming still under the medical treatment.

Ongoing animal rescues – both of cats and dogs – have been taking place in many cities in China. More than 200 caged cats were rescued in Guangzhou in April and more than 200 dogs in Changchun, in north east China, on May 3rd.


~Thanks to Joy Gao in Auckland, New Zealand once again for this positive news. The accompanying photos belong to Weibo – Chinese Twitter –  for which much appreciation.