offering vegetables in the Dasain campaign

On October 18, 2011, AWNN launched a novel approach to promote vegetarian offerings instead of animal sacrifice.

The network has produced a map of Kathmandu Valley, showing red ‘bali’ and green ‘non-bali’ temples.

The ‘red temples’ are those where animal sacrifice – bali – is practised. The ‘green temples’ have banned the killing of animals and are promoted. The map, featuring the slogan “Stop Animal Sacrifice – Promote Vegetarian  Offerings”, has been produced by AWNN in cooperation with Vedic Society.

According to the poster, each year millions of animals are sacrificed in Nepal.
“Apart from known sacrifice methods like throat slitting and  beheading, extreme forms of blood sacrifices take place including the burning, skinning and the removal of hearts from live animals. Generally animals witness the killing of fellow beings,” the map reads.

Viewers are invited to support AWNN’s Stop Animal Sacrifice Campaign by promoting ‘green temples’. They are further encouraged to introduce vegetarian offerings in their families and neighbourhoods and write letters to the government, army, as well as organizing committees.

So far, there are 21 ‘green’ temples.

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~ Thanks to Lucia de Vries, Freelance Journalist & Consultant, of Nepal and Netherlands, for this positive news.