AnimaNaturalis, CAS Internacional, with more than 200 animal activists, gathered on August 21 in front of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in protest against the bullfights organised for the celebratory Basque week in the capital of the Vizcaya region.

The activists formed the shape of a dead bull, after his suffering and agony in the ring.

Aïda Gascón, spokeswoman for AnimaNaturalis, stated: “society is ever more aware that to torture animals for entertainment is not ethical.”

“The struggle for the abolition of bullfighting is only one part of our work for animal rights. All animals wish to live and not be exploited, whether in the bullring, in circuses, zoos, laboratories or farms and slaughterhouses.”

“Thanks to everyone who participated and who help us day after day.”

The protest received press coverage all over Spain and overseas. Reports appeared in eight Spanish papers and also in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.