Paska - Easter

We have previously featured this rabbit, saved from the Australian meat trade by our friend Anna Hall – but she serves as a timely reminder that rabbits suffer terrible abuse world wide.

The RSPCA is running a campaign this year for better welfare for rabbits – see and go to the We’re All Ears section of the site.

Rabbit Awareness Week – aimed this year at raising awareness about the emotional welfare of rabbits – is from May 23rd. – 29th. 2011.

And please also see:  – an Australian campaign to stop people impulse-buying rabbits as Easter gifts.

Update on April 19.

Anna in Sydney writes:

On an abnormally wet day, I set off to a local shelter to deliver the Companion Rabbit Advocate Bunny Bags.

 By the time I got there I was pretty wet, but so were the shelter staff, as most of the animals are in outside cages. The staff were doing their very best in the extremely cramped and run down conditions in which they operate. Some of the cages unfortunately were not water proof, in spite of staff doing their best with towels and tarpaulin to keep everyone dry.

 You could see, by the way that rabbits were more responsive to humans than in another shelter I had previously visited, that they had been receiving some tender loving care, at least while at the shelter.

 They work very hard to keep the kill rate extremely low, but obviously that is a priority area where further improvement would be desirable.

The day after my visit, all the six rabbits (it was to have been eight, but two were adopted on Friday afternoon), were to be driven across Sydney to a private no- kill shelter.

The staff were very keen to learn as much as they could about rabbits and spent a lot of time with me asking intelligent questions. I was sad to see the conditions staff and volunteers have to work under and one would always wish better housing for the animals, but, that said, if you must end up at a pound this must be a preferred option.

I certainly felt inspired by the staff and am still thinking about what more I can do to help.