AnimaNaturalis Internacional, the excellent Hispanic organisation working for animal rights in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, whom QCA has featured on many previous occasions,  in January 2013 celebrated the beginning of the process of substitution of horse drawn vehicles in Bogotá, capital of Colombia, which is considered one of the worst examples of abuse of animals in the country.
Andrea Padilla, spokesperson for AnimaNaturalis in Colombia, stated:
“ we’ve been following this process for several years now and never seen as much good will as is now being shown by Mayor Petro in the matter of this and other problems impacting on animal rights … the substitution will be effected before the end of the year…”
Viable motorised alternatives for the 2,890 horse drawn cart owners are available.
Furthermore, a guarantee for the appropriate reception, treatment and management of the 2,200 equines who will leave the streets has been made under the supervision of the department of transport and 4 specialist vets.
So far, 1000 guardians for the horses have been confirmed, out of 5,200 offers made.
The swap over of all vehicles should be made in September.
Andrea Padilla concluded by expressing concern over slow process in other parts of the country, but hoped that Bogotá, as the capital city, would be an example for others to follow.
~ Many thanks to Andrea for permission to reproduce this excellent news and thank you for your good wishes from Colombia!