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Update on July 3:

Together for Animals in China (TACN) reports:

“On the 15th of June, our team in Beijing handed in our campaign materials to the Yulin Government Liaison Office in Beijing and we also held a demonstration right outside the office building, raising awareness of our campaign and educating the Chinese public about the Yulin dog-meat “festival” and why it should be banned.

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More photos of the petition being handed in can be seen on TACN Flickr album:

This online petition will be kept open and more signatures are needed to fuel our continuous fight against the Yulin dog-meat “festival” and the cat/dog-meat trade in China!

According to Yulin local volunteers insights, this year:

• the Yulin dog-meat “festival” has seen significant loss in trades of dog-meat

• some dog traffickers saw loss of tens of thousands Yuan through this year, and thousands of Yuan loss during the “festival”;

• Yulin local gov has placed strict checks on trucks loaded with live dogs coming into Yulin

• for those businesses usually praise their staff via a dog-meat banquet, they have stopped doing so this year

• there has been a lot less live dogs being traded and slaughtered openly in public, many live dogs have been rescued by activists

• over 10 dog-meat sellers have shut down

The above information was obtained via various channels from front-line rescuers and activists in China. We have definitely seen big progress with all the efforts to ban the Yulin dog-meat “festival” and fighting against the cat/dog-meat trade in China.

This year we have made our voice louder and been heard by mainstream media.

If we keep at it and continue with a strategic campaign, we have hope that soon this “festival” will become the past.

So let’s not stop here, and carry on with the fight for those innocent animals!”