Jane Halevy writes:

As you might know, the bill has not been validated yet by the government. This happened as only 4 ministers of the Knesset voted: 2 were for, and 2 were against.
It didn’t pass, but we have a lot of hope, as many ministers had told Nitzan Horowitz that they support the bill. If you missed the article about this, you can see it on our site:


There is also a petition at http://www.antifurcoalition.org/support-bill-int.html

MK Horowitz has received thousands of letters from 70 countries in support of his bill, both from private individuals and animal rights organizations. In addition the children of Israel showed their support for the bill by sending MK Horowitz hundreds of letters and drawings.

The global mobilization for this bill inspired us to do this mini-footage, below, which you are free to share.

(QCA note: be aware that this contains some graphic footage.)

 Our aim is to show that something really big is happening –  a country might outlaw fur from its borders!


Jane Halevy
International Anti-Fur Coalition