Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania has expressed its outrage at proposals to starve bobby calves for up to 30 hours. Spokesperson Neon Lang said:

‘These baby animals, at just days old, are an unwanted by-product of the dairy industry, and it is proposed, based on research by the dairy industry, not an independent body, to deny them feed or water for up to 30 hours. More factual research clearly shows that this will cause the vulnerable, frightened animals immense suffering, with many being to weak to stand or walk after such deprivation’.

 Bobby calves, or ‘weaners’, are removed from their mothers within hours of birth, causing both the cow and the calf enormous distress. Under this proposal, the calves can be transported from farms, where they are unlikely to have had the nutrition they need, to sale yards and to slaughterhouses, and be left without feed for up to 30 hours. AACT understands that that the proposal has already been implemented, despite the fact that the largely secret public consultation period does not close until next week.

‘Our research indicates that these calves, being so young, frail and weak, are at risk of egregious cruelty if this proposal is accepted’, continued Mr Lang.

‘Those too weak to stand or walk face being dragged, prodded, kicked and beaten, and their tails twisted to force them to slaughter’.

‘It is sad enough that these casualties of the dairy industry only get to live for just a few days of wretched misery before they are slaughtered so that their mothers can provide milk supplies for human consumption. We are appealing to the community get behind Animals Australia’s national campaign, and to say NO to starving these innocent, vulnerable little animals. We will be providing details about our ongoing campaign at a later date,’ concluded Mr Lang.

 Campaign Spokesperson Neon Lang.


 ~ QCA has, on advice from AACT, sent a submission to Animal Health Australia against this cruel proposal.