On February 17 and 18, Brazilian campaigners met up in the capital to advocate for animal welfare and rights.

Here are some of the photos:







The poster above says: Abandonment and cruel treatment of animals is a crime.

The poster on the right, with the dog and cat cartoon, says: Adopt, don’t buy.


The demands in the poster above:

Free nation-wide sterilisation of cats and dogs Рestablishment of a Commission of Parliamentary Inquiry (CPI) on cruelty to animals Рincreased penalties  for neglect and cruelty Рban on testing on animals for cosmetics and cleaning products Рban on animals in circuses.


The photo above shows Rosa, activist, and Carolina Mourao, Brasilia coordinator, of the group AMAR – Amigos dos Animais de Rua – Friends of Street Animals. (N.B. ‘amar’ means ‘to love’).

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