On 11 and 13 September 2011, several protests against the Toro de la Vega festival took place in the cities of Tordesillas,Valladolid and Madrid. During this feast a bull is killed by hundred of persons on horses with long lances.

The protests are part of the campaign Rompe una Lanza (break a lance) of PACMA, CAS International and HSI.

Break a lance for the abolition of the Toro de la Vega


Ruth Toledano, an organiser, in Valladolid






For more information visit the website of the campaign www.rompeunalanza.com.

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The League Against Cruel Sports writes:

We have set up an email action to the Spanish Tourist Board in London(www.league.org.uk/spaintourism) to make them aware of the high numbers of British people who are reconsidering Spain as a holiday destination as a result of the continuation of El Toro de la Vega.

We have also created two films: one to raise awareness of the event in the UK, and one in Spanish which we have posted onto the Facebook and Twitter pages of dozens of Spanish businesses, organisations and authorities. We are encouraging our supporters to post the videos around Facebook and Twitter as well.

In memoriam Afligido:

The editor’s friend, Sharon from Oxfordshire, was the only British protester at the demo. We would like to thank her for going to support Afligido and the excellent mainly Spanish and Dutch campaigners.