Darshak Shah lives in Thane, a satellite city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, and reports:
“Last Thursday  (Feb. 19) I was informed that a buffalo had been lying in the middle of the road in Thakurli village, bleeding profusely. I rushed to the spot with a bunch of friends and found the poor buffalo with a deep injury on her back. The locals informed me that she had been hit by a heavy vehicle and had been writhing in pain for quite some time. People tried to help by sprinkling turmeric on the wound. This is not the correct line of treatment, but I admire their spirit, giving me a feeling that good people still exist. 

After a thorough examination I discovered the buffalo was pregnant, so I immediately asked a specialized vet to have a look at her. The vet arrived immediately and administered some injections for pain relief and to arrest the bleeding. The buffalo got up with people cheering her on, and though she collapsed again at other end of the road, she seemed to be feeling much better. 
Calling a cattle ambulance was considered, but in view of her pregnancy we were in two minds about it.  Thankfully, a local girl turned up and promised to look after the buffalo. She is a Catholic, a cattle owner, not from a well to do family, but does it out of love, and had already adopted a buffalo. Having spotted a healthy buffalo at her home, we had no hesitation in handing the injured animal over to her.

48 hours later I went to investigate the condition of the buffalo.  I was informed that she had started eating well. I dressed the wound again and have left enough medical aids with the girl. I shall be personally attending the buffalo until her wound is healed. The coming days are going to be difficult, as this will be a big expenditure in terms of fodder and medical supplies.
The Kalyan Dombivli circle badly needs a dedicated vehicle for large animals. When an emergency occurs we either have to run from pillar to post to get a van with limited budget, or we have to request the fire brigade.”
Darshak Shah is not formally attached to an animal rescue, but answers calls to help animals in need as much as his work permits.  
When he needs legal support, Thane SPCA helps out. He was deputed by Shakuntala Majumdar, member of the State Animal Welfare Board,  to present a  letter to the Dombivli East Railway Police officially issued by Thane SPCA, so that the owner – if there is one – does not take away this buffalo to cause more undue suffering at a cost to be borne by the rescue society.
N.B. Shakuntala Majumdar tells us that Thane is a large area, she cannot praise Darshak highly enough and wishes there were many more like him.

Update on the buffalo from Darshak Shah: 

She is doing very well and recovering slowly with twice-daily treatment of the wound as advised by the vet.


However, she is still traumatised and afraid if anyone approaches her. The girl looking after her has had to take time to establish a rapport, making Darshak think the previous owner mistreated her.

Darshak thanks all his supporters who helped in raising funds for medicine and will be giving his personal attention to the buffalo until she recovers.

This could take another 2 months as the wound is very big and it will take time to heal.


As of March 6, we hear the buffalo is recovering. Darshak says he visited her today and found her enjoying a bath with a little massage. She is responding well to the girl who is taking care of her at her place.


There is no problem as such related to her health, but one which they are facing is her fodder. When they approached a few gawshalas – cow shelters – for grass and fodder, they refused, even though they were willing to pay.

As the buffalo doesn’t eat anything else apart from grass and their own fodder, this is currently a problem for them.