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Quaker Concern for Animals supports the Stop Animal Sacrifice Nepal Campaign

 Animal Sacrifices and cruel sports in Nepal

 In Nepal, animal sacrifice is widely practised. Goddess temples are awash with blood on days deemed auspicious for sacrifice. During festivals, even more animals are being sacrificed, at times hundreds of thousands in the span of 24 hours. Nepal’s government subsidizes certain animal sacrifice rituals such as Dasain sacrifice (shown live on national TV) and Gadhimai festival. The Nepal army and police regularly conduct sacrifices.


Facts and Figures

  •       Animal sacrifice is conducted in most goddess temples
  •       The total number of animals sacrifices annually is estimated to be a few hundred thousand; most villages offer 250-1000 animals during Dasain festival
  •       Sacrifices are generally conducted in the presence of children and shown live on TV
  •       There is no law to regulate animal sacrifice and sports involving animals
  •       The government supports sacrifices with subsidies
  •       Apart from known sacrifice through throat slitting and beheading, other extreme forms of blood sacrifices include the tearing apart of a live goat by young men, burning of live snakes, live skinning of pigs and buffaloes, removal of hearts of live animals
  •      There is very little awareness about the welfare aspect of blood sacrifices
  •       Cruel sports and animal cruelty for entertainment include bear dancing, elephant polo, bull fights, yak blood drinking and the tearing apart of live goats
  •       Grave abuse takes place in the transport and killing of the animals
  •       Gadhimai festival takes place once every 5 years and ranks among the world’s worst forms of animal cruelty
  •       Over half of animals sacrificed at Gadhimai are illegally brought in from India.

5  year campaign

The Animal Welfare Network Nepal, together with local and international partners has launched a 5-year campaign aimed at phasing out animal sacrifices and cruel sports within Nepal.

 Specific Objectives:

1. To pressurize authorities and civil society to end animal sacrifice and cruel sports

2. To conduct a grassroots education campaign

3. To conduct a national awareness-raising campaign

4. To collect and publicize data on animal sacrifices and cruel sports within Nepal

5. To sensitize media representatives and conduct media outreach activities

6. To form a coalition of international organizations and individuals across the world

 What can you do?

Visit the campaign website, sign the petition and write letters to Nepalese authorities to express your concerns.