In June 2011, AnimaNaturalis began working against the holding of vaquillas  – festivals involving mistreatment of young bovines –  in Badalona, Catalunya.

They linked up with ASOA, a local animal welfare society which has been fighting for the end of the correbous that take place in the Llefià suburb each June, which are organised by a local body and with council consent.

The political party ICV – the Catalan Greens – in Badalona has joined the campaign and more organisations are getting involved.

In November 2011 the grouping Badalona Sense Correbous  – Badalona Without Correbous – was set up, now numbering more than 25 bodies and individuals from the worlds of culture, politics and local and national groups.

Quaker Concern for Animals is part of this network and has a link on their site. We are the only foreign group so far listed.

The principal task of the group is to make the residents of Badalona aware that this cruelty towards animals is taking place in their own city, and aims to arouse enough local pressure for the council to feel able to ban this cruel practice.

The main campaign is the collection of signatures at information points in different parts of the city, arranged three times a week.
Many volunteers have turned up to help.

An evening of anti-bullfight theatre has also been organised for Saturday March 24 in Badalona. The anti-correbous petition will be available for signatures.

Correbous are torture, not culture.

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