Coqui Montiel, the director, was on her way to check some baby kittens they had rescued when she saw a dog, later named Azul, lying on the asphalt. As soon as Coqui picked her up, she could see that she had full- blown mange. She was immediately taken to the vet’s office for de-worming and the necessary vaccines and is now safe and on the road to recovery.


All the cats are kept in a special newly-built compound. It’s kept very clean and it allows the dogs to make friends with their fellow four-leggers. They have a very well-insulated house to stay in when the weather isn’t to their liking. Two kittens were left recently to die in a garbage can. Coqui came to their rescue and they are now doing quite well, fed every four hours with a special milk formula.

An 11 month old horse, Apache, was found wandering in the middle of a shanty town. The police think that he had been stolen and he was being trained to pull carts, when apparently he ran away. He is quite thin and has probably been starved for most of his life.


Aramis is a three month-old German Shepherd. He was abandoned next to a garbage container in a very busy part of the street. Very easy going, he loves playing around with the other dogs. He was abandoned in a very good condition; they don’t understand why someone would forsake this beautiful dog.

Coqui came across Lara downtown. They don’t know how she got into one of the Senior High schools where Coqui teaches, but as soon as she saw Coqui she came right up to her and made friends. Fortunately, everybody knows about Coqui’s unconditional love for animals, so the school authorities allowed her to have Lara in the classroom during the English lesson. She behaved very well, and of course Coqui had trouble teaching the lesson, as her students were eager to play with Lara, rather than listening to a boring English Literature lecture. Lara’s family is not looking for her. They have placed ads in the local newspaper, and sent her photo around via the Internet, but her family has vanished. Anyway, she is not up for adoption because this breed of dog, Pitbull, is used for all sorts of things: guard dog, breeding dog, and they feel that she deserves a better life, so until a suitable family shows up, she will stay at the sanctuary.

All donations, regardless of the amount, are so very much appreciated and they help feed and give the animals the medical care that a lot of them need when they arrive at the sanctuary.

Coqui Montiel.