Our member Ann Johnson writes:

I am delighted to see a mainstream newspaper travel section carrying a story about the cruelty of captive dolphins. They usually just include editorial that promotes ‘swimming with dolphins-type’ holidays to tourists. The Sunday Times Travel News section (05.06.11) includes a news item about Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), a Singapore leisure and gaming company, that has purchased 25 dolphins for use in an ‘interactive dolphin spa programme’ at its Marine Life Park park.
The mammals are currently enduring conditions in a Philippines ‘holding facility’ where two have already died during ‘training’.

Singapore’s Animal Concerns Research and Education Society has launched an on-line campaign  to raise awareness.

More information on: www.saddestdolphins.com

Please support them by visiting their website and forwarding it on to others if you can.”

The group Avaaz – ‘voice’ – organises very effective petitions on many issues of social concern:

“Let’s build a massive call now to free these intelligent, beautiful creatures — and make this a turning point in the fight to end the global wild-dolphin trade. When we reach 500,000 our petition will be delivered to Resorts World and the media. Sign now and forward this to everyone – over 633,000 have already signed up: