From the early morning of August 5th. to the evening of the 6th, after more than 30 hours of protest, some 2000 cats were rescued near Shanghai.

Animal protection volunteers – from Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhejiang Province – transferred the cat cages from the truck which had been pursued and stopped by animal lovers on the Changshou City Highway.

After long hours of negotiations between the local police, the cat lovers and the cat-nappers, donations of 15000 RMB from the Bixi County Authority in Changshou,the rescuers finally were able to buy 800 cats from the cat-nappers.

Several brave guardians who had lost their cats were lying down in front of the truck – and underneath –  to stop the cat-nappers from driving away. They said: “If you drive the cats away, then roll over our bodies first!” That was a bloody hard protest!

Another 1000 cats had been rescued earlier in the evening of August 5 at Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai. The 2000 cats rescued were on their way to the southern Guangdong Province restaurants.

Unfortunately, another truck with 1000 cats that had been released by the police managed to get away before the rescuers arrived.

We urgently call on the Animal Protection Law to protect our poor four-legged friends in China!

Many thanks to:

Shanghai Cats’ Protection Team – Shanghai Pet Union – Suzhou Small Animal Protection Society – Zhejiang Animal Protection Association – China Small Animal Protection Association – Police of Changshou City – The Central Agricultural Forest Bureau Authority – Changshou City Council and Bixi County Authority – Suzhou City Council – The Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu province – the media – the loving cat guardians whose cats were stolen – and animal lovers via the web site worldwide.

This is edited from a translation by Joy Gao – with many thanks to her – and thanks and congratulations to all these compassionate people from us in Quaker Concern for Animals.

Latest news via Joy:

The cats rescued on August 5th and 6th were all spread over the residential areas of Shanghai and Jiaxing, where many loving people are keeping them fed.  Each rescuer took 5-10 injured cats and the kittens home to take care of them – but  several died. One rescued cat’s leg got injured and she was taken to the vet  for treatment.