In a plenary session on June 12, the Colombian Senate passed the law which bans the use of wild species of animal – native or exotic – in all circuses, static or travelling. The President is due to sign the bill in fifteen days and from that date, travelling circuses with wild animals will not be allowed to enter Colombia. In the case of national circuses, they have two years to comply with the legislation. The use of domestic animals, such as dogs and horses, will continue to be allowed.

This is yet another Hispanic country to restrict the use of animals in circuses – after Bolivia (2009), Peru (2011) and Paraguay. Other countries with a total or partial ban are Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Singapore and Brazil.

Source: El Espectador and Animanaturalis.

AnimaNaturalis Internacional congratulates Augusto Posada, of the Social Party for National Unity, who worked hard to achieve this ban which will save hundreds of animals from slavery and ill treatment.

They also congratulate Animal Defenders International, which led the lobby for a ban in Colombia.

~ QCA thanks Andrea Padilla of Animanaturalis in Colombia, who clarified the details of this important advance.