Selaine d’Ambrosi, a contact of the clerk in Guatemala, does excellent work in her community. She writes:


Ayuda is an animal welfare effort that strives to improve the lives and conditions of dogs and cats in Guatemala.

We do so through a variety of activities with a strong focus on building sustainable relationships with businesses, government agencies, NGOs and our membership.

Our daily work revolves around homeless animals.  We work with licensed, practicing vets, vet students and volunteers to trap, neuter and release dogs and cats on an as need basis.  Our local volunteers maintain feeding stations where pre- and post-op animals are monitored, base-lined, fed and offered basic medical treatments.

Through in-kind and cash donations, we subsidize and sponsor sterilization, vaccination and general health clinics to reduce overpopulation as well as human and animal health risks. We coordinate and sponsor Ayuda clinics as funds are available to do so. We subsidize sterilization clinics sponsored by partnering organizations in return for surgeries for the homeless.

Our humane education efforts revolve primarily on facilitating the embedment of age-specific humane programs throughout the Guatemalan school systems and out-reach to community groups.

Ayuda encourages and helps to build relationships between Guatemalan and visiting professionals and groups involved in animal welfare.