Lobsters and crabs can feel pain and take action to avoid it happening again.

Findings could have implications on food industry which allows chefs to boil crabs, lobsters and prawns alive. Chefs may have to think twice before plunging live lobsters into a simmering pot.

Scientists have proven that crabs and other crustaceans do feel pain…

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By Nick Mcdermott   16 January 2013

Readers might be interested in the following, part of a DEFRA reply received by the clerk in August 2012:

Thank you for your email of 15 August about the welfare of lobsters. I have been asked to reply.

The definition of an animal for the purposes of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 is limited to non-human vertebrates. This restriction to vertebrates is made on the basis that there is currently insufficient evidence to show conclusively that other types of animals, such as crustaceans, have the capacity for conscious awareness, a prerequisite for experiencing pain and suffering. However, there are powers within the Act to extend the definition if future scientific evidence demonstrated that such animals can in fact experience pain and suffering.
The case for including crustaceans is considered weak as scientific work to date on the structure and functioning of a crustacean’s nervous system has provided no convincing evidence that would support the capacity for conscious awareness and, therefore, an ability to perceive pain and to suffer…

… and so on. Why they entitle their communication “Welfare of lobsters” is unclear… however, in view of the sentence I have underlined, it’s time to write to our MPs again!

From a committee member, this reminder:

Write to Makro store urging them to stop selling live lobsters: customer.services@makro.co.uk

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