The trustees of Cayuga Heights, part of the Ithaca community in the state of New York, have, in spite of much opposition from local residents, friends in the USA and overseas – including QCA – taken the deplorable decision to kill the vast majority of the deer in their community.


by kind permission of Alexandra Giordano


On April 22,  CNN’s Headline News covered the Cayuga Heights deer issue for the second time in the last 8 months. This time, Jane Velez-Mitchell interviewed 30-year Cayuga Heights resident Ann Druyan, who, together with her late husband Carl Sagan, is famous for her contributions to science, writing, television and film.

Ann spoke eloquently about the irrationality of Cayuga Heights’ deer-killing plan and its lack of a scientific basis, as well as the brutality of mass killing wildlife, especially by Net & Bolt slaughter. You can now watch Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, online here:


Please also see a short and moving video about the Cayuga Heights deer, called “Shot for a Tulip?”: