New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) reports:

“An Act Concerning Dissection Choice”

As the deadline approached, Connecticut’s Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a state dissection choice bill into law! Connecticut makes 16 states plus Washington D.C. that have laws or policies allowing students modern alternatives to traditional dissection.

As we celebrate the victory in Connecticut for students, animals, and education, NEAVS and our educational affiliate, the Ethical Science Education Coalition (ESEC), continues to work to guarantee cruelty-free alternatives to dissection in every state.

For more background, visit NEAVS/ESEC’s Objecting to Dissection and Dissection Alternatives.
The Ethical Science Education Coalition (ESEC) works to end the harmful use of animals at all levels of science education. ESEC campaigns to end terminal labs, live animal demonstrations, and training courses, and promotes alternatives to specimen dissection. ESEC provides expert resources and other services in support of humane alternatives to animal use.

ESEC believes all students should have the right to choose alternatives over traditional animal use throughout their education. While dissection alternatives, for example, are readily available – many students are allowed to choose them instead of being forced to dissect, fail, or withdraw from class – only sixteen states and the District of Columbia have laws or policies guaranteeing that choice without penalty.

These are:




ESEC supports legislation and policies that protect the right to a science education respectful of and consistent with a student’s beliefs.

“Forward-thinking education takes advantage of advances already available. Modern sophisticated alternatives to specimen dissection meet and enhance traditional curriculum goals and offer vast new possibilities for teacher and student.”

Theodora Capaldo, Ed.D. NEAVS President.

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We congratulate NEAVS on their advances in this important sphere  and would like to take this opportunity to remind readers of two excellent European organisations promoting humane research which QCA supports: – of whom the Director is our patron André Menache


Nick Jukes of InterNICHE is interviewed by Antidote at the following link: