On Wednesday, August 13 09, some seven women complainants from the Indian capital sought protection in the High Court from neighbours’ alleged harassment and assault for their feeding of street dogs, of which there are an estimated 5 million in Delhi.

The judge directed the police to ensure their safety.

The NGOs work in co-ordination with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi to sterilise street dogs. In 2001, the High Court had ordered they be treated with “compassion” and cruelty should be “avoided”.

~ Thanks to Harish V. Nair of the Hindustan Times for this information.

These NGOs, as well as feeding, also take responsibility for the vaccination and sterilisation of stray dogs as per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Our friend Vasanthi Kumar, of Vasant Kunj, one of the complainants, is one such individual.

QCA would like to express our appreciation to these compassionate people.