Caracas goes anti-bullfight.


On April 21 09, after listening to the arguments of local resident Nicolás Álvarez, the councillors of Libertador district voted in favour of his motion to make the Venezuelan capital an Anti-BullfightCity.

The Nuevo Circo in Caracas, a square built in 1919 originally for the corrida, is now devoted to culture and the arts.

Nicolás Álvarez requested that the council should make an official rejection of bullfighting in the city. He spoke for Asociación Pro Defensa de los Animales (APROA) y its president, Cristina Camilloni.

The municipal council voted immediately, accepting Álvarez’s 4 proposals, and appointed two councillors to draft the legal texts to this effect.

Celina Vega, council vice president, gave her full support to Álvarez.

Caracas, is now the second Venezuelan city to go anti-corrida  Carrizal in Miranda state was the first – the fifth in the American continent – and the first capital in the world to do so.

QCA has written to Nicolás Álvarez to thank him for his excellent work.