Pressure is still being brought to bear on the Minister of Culture, who seems inclined to strike the bullfight off his list of cultural heritages.
The demonstration on 28 May in Paris will still go ahead, whatever happens. If the bullfight is indeed removed, the campaigners are intending to ask for the immediate tabling of Mme. Muriel Marland-Militello and Mme. Geneviève Gaillard’s bill onto the agenda of the National Assembly. This bill would repeal Alinéa 7 of Article 521.1 of the French Penal Code – which exempts the bullfight from the normal penalties available for those perpetrating cruelty on animals – and would demand an enquiry into bullfight finances.

To date, there are 90 abolitionist MPs. Some of them, as well as some Senators, will attend the demonstration, which is expected to be well attended.

Senator Roland Povinelli is inspiring the campaigners with hope.

On May 5, he tabled bill 493, which would punish, without exception, serious cruelty inflicted upon companion and domesticated animals and those held in captivity.

This bill is now available for signing in the Senate until May 20.

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The network also includes CRAC Europe, Comité Radicalement Anti Corrida pour la protection de l’enfance – campaigning for the protection of children.

The journalist Luce Lapin, who has for years endorsed campaigns for animal welfare with a regular column – Les Puces –  in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, is wholeheartedly in support of this campaign.


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