In 2009, Friends’ House satisfied Compassion in World Farming criteria and received a Good Egg award at a reception in Westminster.

Paul Grey, Head of Hospitality,  is pleased to report that they have now received the Compassion Good Chicken award.

This is part of the article setting out requirements for this award:

The Good Chicken Award, launched in 2010, celebrates companies that use or are committing to use (within 5 years)  higher welfare chicken production systems in their supply chain. To date more than 250 million meat chickens are set to benefit each year from our award winners’ policies.

Eligibility and Criteria

You will need to be a well-known or notable food company or caterer based in Europe which can satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Lower maximum stocking density: equal to or less than 30kg/m2
  2. Slower-growing birds: genetic potential growth rate equal to or less than 50g per day averaged over the growth cycle, or conduct and agreed leg health plan
  3. Enrichment provision: natural light, straw bales, perches, and pecking objects.

We award those who are already using only higher welfare chicken as well as applicants wishing to make a commitment within 5 years…”

QCA note: Friends’ House is already providing higher welfare chicken.

For full details, including lists of other recipients of the award,  and more on all Compassion campaigns, visit:

Please note Friends’ House policy on fish:

We will:

·         Use MSC certified produce where possible and purchase MSC species as standard (keta salmon, hake and prawns)
·         Use only those suppliers who provide sustainable fish stocks
·         Promote dishes featuring under-used species; an
·         Not serve fish from the Marine Conservation Society ‘Fish to Avoid’ list.

June 2014