ARAN, Respect for Animals and the Animal, Anima and Fur Free Alliance (FFA) have released the  findings of a new 2011 undercover investigation into Ireland’s shameful fur factory farms, showing that yet again, animal suffering, is still very much business as usual.

The recently obtained footage from an Irish mink farm, reveals images of animal suffering, including painful injuries on minks’ tails; cramped, aged and filthy cages riddled with the animal faeces, and more shockingly the images of stressed, traumatised and balding animals; which spotlights the stereotypical behavior associated with intensive farming.

Ireland’s government are seeking submissions into Irish fur farms which close on December 31. The campaign received impressive media coverage including a full page exclusive article in the Irish Daily Mirror with a follow up from Irish newspaper, Foinse, radio stations such as Ocean FM, Highland Radio, Radio Kerry and Near FM also covering the issue.

To launch the campaign, a giant mobile billboard shadowed the Department of Agriculture in Dublin with a message ‘FUR FARMING: TIME FOR A BAN,’ before taking to the streets to garner public support.

Visit the new website to see the investigation.

QCA has received two replies so far to our appeal:

Michael Colreavy TD of Sligo North-Leitrim and Martin Ferris TD of Kerry North- West Limerick state:

Sinn Féin are against cruel farming and animal harvesting practices as well as cruel animal testing and the infliction of cruelty to animals. We remain committed to introducing legislation to ensure such cruelty may not continue. Sinn Féin also supported the extension of the British ban on fur farming when it was voted on in the Northern Assembly.

Deputy Martin Ferris called for a ban on fur farming in the context of the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill 2004 (Second Stage).

Joan Collins TD of the United Left Alliance, for Dublin South. Central, states that she is not in favour of the fur industry in any form and will never vote in favour of it.